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Prof. Eilon Sherman

E-mail: eilonsher at gmail.com or  sherman at phys.huji.ac.il

Phone: +972-2-6586878



Lab manager

Dr. Julia Sajman 

E-mail: julia.sajman at mail.huji.ac.il  

Phone: +972-2-5494087


Post-doctoral fellows


Dr. Yair Neve-Oz 

E-mail: yair.neveoz at gmail.com 

Phone: +972-2-5494063

Dr. Ishay Wohl 

E-mail: ishaywohl@gmail.com

Phone: +972-2-5494063

PhD students

Yair Razvag

E-mail: razvagy@gmail.com 

Phone: +972-2-5494063

Oren Yaakovian  

E-mail: oren.yakovian at mail.huji.ac.il   

Phone: +972-2-5494063


MSc students


Kobi Hermon  

E-mail: kobi.hermon at mail.huji.ac.il   

Phone: +972-2-54940


BSc students


Nadav Vaknin 

Asaf Yehudai



Seon KinrotCurrent position: PhD student in Harvard

Shai Tsipshtein, Current position: HIL Applied Medical

Yonatan Golan, Current position: Brevel

Yuval Sedan

Shachar Schidorski  

Undergraduate projects: Itai Bromberg, Itai Liniel, Sigal Wolf, Nadav Ben-Shushan


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